I enjoy the full process of creating art although I don’t think of it so much as a process as an evolvement that begins with the submission to the first seed of an idea to be developed manipulated and built upon.

I work in a studio that is large and airy in the city. I have plenty of space to spread my work and store finished pieces. As with most artists it is not particularly tidy. I also make sculpture in a very large shed in a beautiful inspiring part of country Victoria.

I completed a diploma of Art and Design at Moorabbin Tafe in 1992 and Batchelor of Fine Art Degree in 1995. This training helped me to look at and understand the work of other artists, past and present and encouraged me to follow my instinct with my own work.

It is difficult to pin point specific influences, as my work is so diverse in subject matter and the mediums I use. It is so varied that many artists and styles have influenced and inspired me, but mainly I draw on my own intuition and inner drive. Art is my passion but life is too short to do all I would like to do. Passion for making art does not always reap rewards but gives a wonderful inner satisfaction.

I have had many turning points but I think the most significant was when I commenced my formal art education and was able to diversify my styles and make sculpture as well as paintings thus accepting that art is not specific to one particular form.
Art is Creating.

"In art nothing is the result of pure will.  Everything comes about through docile submission to the forces of the subconcious –
Odelon Redon