About Exhibition 'Solace in Sky and Sea'

There is turmoil in the world and such ugliness and madness to face each day. This is not new and turning to nature for solace at such times also is not new.

I love to sit and watch the sky.  The clouds are ever changing and as continuous as our thoughts and feelings. They move silently through our lives carrying our mixed emotions that evolve from our encounters with each day.   I hold the clouds in my gaze but cannot stop their transformation.    They move on as I watch.  I cannot stop their everlasting movement but I can capture small glimpses of their beauty on canvas. There is such pleasure in small wonder and largeness.  The peace the light the delicacies, are captured in a grid. Held enmeshed and still for a moments pleasure.

Shells although still and unchanging are anchors to reality holding fruit of the sea they are delicate alive and yet sit motionless. Innumerable and tiny they bask on the beach or the ocean bed unaware and unknowing.

While we are unable to change the events of the world, we are able to grab moments in nature and hold and reflect on them and give ourselves moments of quiescence.

Solace in Sky and Sea has a lightness and buoyancy, which I have endeavoured to achieve by balancing the freedom to paint clouds in their ever changing majestic glory and the discipline and detail of the shells.  Using the contrast of strong vibrant colours subdued and tamed by soft white glazes I hope I have captured a calmness in which the viewer can also take solace.