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Welcome to the Art of Gillian Govan

I have been creating art since childhood and I enjoy the full process of creating  although I don’t think of it so much as a process as an evolvement that begins with the submission to the first seed of an idea to be developed manipulated and built upon.

I paint in a studio, and at home and make sculptures in my shed and in a huge shed on a farm in a beautiful inspiring part of country Victoria.

I completed a diploma of Art and Design at Moorabbin Tafe in 1992 and Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in 1995. This training helped me to look at and understand the work of other artists, past and present and encouraged me to follow my instinct with my own work.

It is difficult to pin point specific influences, as my work is so diverse in subject matter and the mediums I use. It is so varied that many artists and styles have influenced and inspired me, but mainly I draw on my own intuition and inner drive. Art is my passion but life is too short to do all I would like to do. Passion for making art does not always reap rewards but gives a wonderful inner satisfaction.

I have had many turning points but I think the most significant was when I commenced my formal art education and was able to diversify my styles and make sculpture as well as paintings thus accepting that art is not specific to one particular form. Art is Creating.

"In art nothing is the result of pure will.  Everything comes about through docile submission to the forces of the subconscious..." – Odelon Redon



Here are some opportunities to see some new works by Gillian Govan at the Herring Island (South Yarra) Gallery in Melbourne, Victoria

Association of Sculptors of Victoria

 Exhibition “Against All Odds” 

16th January to 7th February 2021


The strength and resilience of human beings has been evident this year. We have climbed so many mountains and while doing so, appreciated many good things in life. Many of us have had time to stop and experience the joy of nature and the people we love. We have also seen the struggle many have had to get over that mountain and hope they will find a joyful view at the end of the climb.

“Joyful” (bronze)

“Climb Every Mountain” (bronze)



Taste a glass of their superb wines and wander upstairs to the gallery where you will see a huge selection of my paintings from landscapes to still lifes to figurative works in an assortment of media. More info HERE.

Here are some opportunities to see some new works by Gillian Govan online

Association of Sculptors of Victoria

Online exhibition

I had work ready to exhibit with 139 other sculptures at the  MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL FLOWER AND GARDEN SHOW. Due to Covid 19 this was of course cancelled but for the exhibitors the Association of Sculptors has set up an online exhibition that will be launched on 1st June. To see my work go to www.sculptorsvictoria.asn.au

THE POWER OF ONE can be seen in an online exhibition above. This sculpture expresses our ability as individuals to care for our environment. I have made this piece with recycled materials. Plugs, cables and wires that would otherwise have gone to landfill. It was an exciting experiment and I will continue to recycle materials in my work. Another work to be exhibited in this online exhibition is JOI DE VIVRE,  that simplly expresses the joys of life in movement and colour. This is a small bronze figure.

Finally, I present SO TIRED (a bronze piece on marble base - approx 100cms) It's an emotional variation of my “bracing the elements.” which metaphorically expresses the effort of coping with life’s hurdles. The title of this piece is multi-dimentional. Is the mother tired from carrying the child? Is the child tired from walking or has it just been a long day?   Are they both tired and struggling with life? This overall depicts the love between mother and child. The love that will carry the little one through life and the absolute comfort and security the child feels as he rests his weary head.

These 3 works may be viewed in the BRONZE & MIXED MEDIA galleries of this website.


Abbey Trinca - memorial sculpture

I was recently asked by Shane Trinca to make a memorial sculpture of his daughter Abbey who unexpectedly and tragically passed away in America on 27th February 2017 at the age of 21 years.

She was a passionate and aspiring golfer who was studying at the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University on a sports scholarship. She died of natural causes. I was honoured to be asked to do this piece.

Photo above: Artist Gillian Govan 's bronze sculpture of Abbey Trinca - see Gillian's 'Bronzes' Gallery for more images...